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The space we create together for recovery, healing and living well despite.

Ellie has a real knack for getting to the heart of an issue and pointing out different perspectives that I may not have considered. Ellie has a great deal of empathy and compassion, something that makes her reluctance to accept “I don’t know” as an answer a heck of a lot more comfortable; if you “don’t know” something she’s great at helping you to tease out possible answers. The thought and follow-up that Ellie does post sessions is invaluable and really helps cement the positive work that you do with her. So, whether you know where you are headed but don’t know how to get there, or whether you need a hand to help you figure out your destination, Ellie is your woman!

AJ - 1:1 support provided

Thanks Ellie! You presented a strong and compelling vision for leadership. Hope the network thrives and that we can build those national connections.

TH - presentation feedback

When I started working with Ellie I was concerned about the idea of opening up and sharing my personal traumatic experience with someone I don’t know and the feeling of not knowing what journey I was about to go on.

Ellie had a way of making me feel safe and comfortable that made it much easier to open up and be honest with her and also with myself. Because of our sessions I now understand how to manage my anxiety and have become a lot calmer in the way I feel. I have learnt healthier ways and retrained my mind. Through the process of peeling away my ‘layers’ I have discovered parts of myself I didn’t know existed. The feeling of finding out who I really am down to the core (which I am still in the process of) has been the most enjoyable and liberating feeling ever.

Working with Ellie has been a wonderful journey and has had such a positive impact on my life. Ellie loves what she does and she is great at it.

LM - 1:1 support provided

After working with Ellie I feel like I have opened up and looked at the things I was shying away from, formed new habits and accepted that I have changed.

Ellie provided a lovely safe environment for me to open up and then step back, look at and then begin to unfold and take responsibility for what was going on in my life. I really enjoyed the kindness and warmth in Ellie’s manner, and the firm hand too. It was important that Ellie didn’t dish out solutions but prompted and asked questions in order for me to come up with my own solutions and ways of moving forward.

I thoroughly enjoyed being guided and supported by Ellie. It was a privilege and she is wonderful at what she does.

SW - 1:1 support provided

Thank you so much for your presentation, for thinking deeply, sharing from the heart and your commitment to making it better. xx

HR - presentation feedback

Brilliant, brave and inspiring.

A great opportunity to hear from a survivor’s and counsellor’s perspective.

workshop participant

Before the Opening to Mindfulness session I didn’t know what exactly I would get out of it but the whole experience was really enjoyable. The experience really helped me to reconnect with my body and sense of who I am and has helped me since the session to make time for reflection, meditation and writing which deepens my self-awareness. The music that Ellie shared brings a sense of calm and peace that helps me to be mindful too.

The whole process and experience was what I needed, I just didn’t realise it beforehand. Email contact after the session kept me focused and helped me to live my life and Ellie’s questions and reflections were great and just what I was looking for.

Ellie created a beautiful space where I felt safe and nurtured. She practices what she supports others to do. I definitely recommend Ellie to anyone who is wanting to take that next step of self-awareness and self-development.

JT - Opening to Mindfulness session

Ellie has a passion and a fire in her belly for the health and wellbeing of her fellow human beings which I don’t see being extinguished any time soon. Just as important is her ability to define an issue and contribute knowledgeably and kindly – her approach is respectful and informed. She is refreshingly honest without being arrogant, intelligent and articulate without being superior, kind and compassionate but never condescending, educated and thoughtful but never coldly clinical or pompously academic. Ellie’s knowledge of, and agreement with, principles of quality consumer or carer participation encompass a genuine understanding of co-production and co-design, in all of its messiness and eventual glorious outcomes! She sits with difficulty and concern, works kindly, and draws the best out of people – supporting them to articulate their concerns and passions. In terms of contributing to conversations and consultations, her lived experience is implicit in all of her work without being biased or vitriolic in its workings. She has an excellent understanding of local, state and national issues in mental health and is particularly well networked in South Australia. In Ellie, you will find a consummate professional – well read, considered and eloquent – combined with a genuineness and warmth that encourages and impacts positively on others.

JM - advocacy support letter