Supervision and practitioner development

I know that we show up best as allies and helpers when we are ourselves and integrity with acceptance is prioritised.

For people who support others it is easy to keep giving out and forget that we too need to receive. That we require support and someone to show up for us as much as anyone. Someone who get’s this ‘work’, who gets the complex relationships that form and who can get us too. Someone who makes a clear stand in their work and is generous in sharing their unique knowledge and skills; the formal and informal as well as the lived and learned. Someone who walks their talk and has integrity within their practice and life.

I know too that there are many helpers amongst us with our own recovery and healing stories that are touched by and inform the work that we do. I know that sometimes it is hard to talk about these with supervisors, work collaegues and peers for many reasons. Yet there needs to be space for all of ourselves to be explored, reflected and strengthened. I can support you with this.


These spaces are what I offer to the people I supervise and collaborate with and is relevant for other counsellors and therapists, lived experience workers and advocates, community support and youth workers, case managers, peer workers and related roles.


Together we establish a collaborative partnership that is reflective, purposeful and growth focused. Conversations are personal, conceptual and practice focused with some case discussion if that is what you find helpful. Our underpinning focus is guidance and support for your practice, so that you are at your best and you provide your best.


I believe people who support and speak with others need a space to explore and strengthen their position and value base as a helper and when they are clear on these they know how to support the people they see effectively and holistically

What supervision looks like:

These sessions are tailored to your experience level, interest area, challenges and learning edge. Their goal is to stretch you.

Together we explore how you embody what you know and believe about helping others, about helpful relationships and what the people you see and speak with deserve and need. It is important to reflect on the ethic and values in your work and what you bring, as well as have a safe space to unpack your discomforts, barriers and dilemmas.

The personal is professional (and often political). They all impact on each other and the way we talk about our roles, identities and experiences absolutely can be integrated and honoured collectively.

Supervision Investment:

$120 per 60-minute session

Sessions are generally scheduled every four weeks or are accessed as a one-off or an as-needed consultation. Tax invoices are supplied for each session and workplaces can be billed. Payment is made in advance or on the day.

Supervision sessions are face-to-face in Adelaide CBD or online via Zoom. Group peer supervision and work team sessions can be arranged.



This supervision is great for you if you seek:


-> clarity and confidence on how you show up in supporting and speaking with others and how you work best

-> an integrated supervisory and debriefing relationship and experience that supports your own wellbeing and development, as well as who you work with and support

-> an exploration of your counselling practice or lived experience work / advocacy in the context of your personal and professional strengths, values and experiences

-> increased understanding and strategies for supporting people with complex life histories and their ongoing effects, such as food / weight / body issues, anxiety and trauma

-> a space to explore the connections between your own life experiences and the support you provide others