I CALL BULLSHIT on the idea that people who are really struggling now means they always will, particularly when it is psychological or because of the actions of others. It is completely and utterly not true!!

Even if it has been years.
Even if others don’t hold the hope for you.
Even if you yourself don’t see it changing anytime soon. 
And even when you feel like giving up.

Sure, life may not always be rosy and may require more ‘effort’ and energy from you than other times. But it doesn’t mean it will always be as it is now, that it will be less good / great because of your struggle or even that you cant live well despite it all.

Often times when it is worked through and changes made I have found that the struggle adds to people’s life in regards to who they are and how they show up in the world.

I am a prime example of this in action.

I nearly gave up.
Now I am doing, being and living well. I still have my moments for sure, but they in no way compare to what I have lived and they no longer hold me back.

And the people I support with recovery and healing have similar stories.


Part of the key is to change our relationship to the struggle and where we focus our energy.


Hope is vital as is surrounding ourselves with people that believe in us and can see beyond what is hard. Knowing ourselves, committing to living our way and doing what works make all the difference too.

We are more than our struggle.
Down and somewhat out now does not equal forever over or always this way.


You are more than your struggle.
Don’t let it eclipse you.


… with heart,