Maintaining What is Sacred, Together

by a quick thought, mindful living

I have written before about how important sacred space for ourselves is. Those moments amongst life where we find ourselves.

Where we have space to breathe,
the inhale
the exhale.

Even when they last mere minutes.


Just as important is maintaining a commitment to finding sacred space with our partners.


It is so easy to get caught up 
in ‘busy’,
our children or work,
our recovery and healing,
what they are or are not doing
even ourselves.

Amongst it all we forget about those we love and who we have chosen to walk with us through life.
We squeeze them in rather than committing to intentionally sharing time with them.
We accept them as key to our thriving yet don’t show up with our presence when we’re together.


We lose the sacredness of THAT connection that cannot be replicated with anyone else.


And we wonder why we feel lost and disconnected.

And then we place responsibility
on our
– or their –
individual shoulders.

Scared space with our partners benefits the relationship and it benefits each individual within it. It doesn’t have to big and showy but there has to be SOMETHING that only exists between the two of you.

Amongst life.
Amongst. It. All.

To maintain what is sacred. 

ellie. x