When we are struggling with food, weight and/or body issue’s it can feel like there is a tumultuous fight going on within.

A part of us wants to be healthy and nourished. We do want to live well.

At the same time, another part of us is drawn toward unhealthy and destructive habits or behaviours. We see it as a way to cope with what we are facing in life. For whatever reason.


We know what we should do, the part that we should listen to and go with. We try and we try … yet it can be so hard.


Living as the bully and the bullied. Having both our saviour and our condemner within us. It’s so incredibly difficult … and hard and lonely … and frustrating and demoralising and … and …

It leaves us in a completely exhausted and overwhelmed state that increases exponentially as time goes by. Which then intensifies the ‘bully’ part more and more.


So what do we do?


How do we find a way through and beyond food, weight and/or body issue’s?

How do we get to a place of freedom, or at least a let up from the relentless competing unhelpful parts of us?


We do all that we can do.


One, small step.
One, challenging thought.
One, bite.
One, keeping.
One, not listening or weighing.
One, win to the wanting to be well part of us.


All knowing that there will be other moments … 
of lapsing,
of wanting to give up,
of being too tired
or too sick of how constant each of the ‘one’ things are required.


Yet we do them despite.
Anyway, we can.

Once more.
All of it.


One, moment.
At. A. Time.


Realising that – always – there is other work to be done.
On what is behind it all.
On what matters most to who we are
to how we want to live.
On our becoming.


I know it’s not what people want to read or hear. But it’s the truth.


The more we listen to the part that is with our health and wellness, with our hopes and values for living our best life, the better we do. The more we listen and act on that part of ourselves the stronger it becomes. With strength it gets louder and louder so that the other part – the bully of us – diminishes to a whimper or whisper. We hear that part less and we start to know that we don’t need to believe it. Because what matters most to us is louder and we hear it.

And the more we hear it, the more we want it, the more we listen … and we live it.


This is the emergence of living beyond food, weight and/or body issue’s.

This is recovery.


If this resonates with you I am available to support you on your path. I have lived this myself, and I overcame it.

It’s easier when we don’t walk alone. 


… with heart,