Professional biography

I am an experienced and qualified Lived Experience Advisor, Ambassador & Counsellor.

Ellie is a Lived Experience Advisor, Ambassador & Counsellor with more than 18 years of experience working in the community and mental health sectors as a practitioner, manager, educator, advisor, advocate and consultant.


Ellie values professionalism, ethical practices and transparency in her work knowing that best outcomes begin with a trusting relationship and clear purpose


Ellie is a passionate change maker. She has recently written Starting the Conversation: Talking with Young People About Mental Health Facilitator’s Manual that has been endorsed by the South Australian Department of Education and Community Development as an important resilience building resource.

Early in her therapeutic career Ellie was a joint Keynote Speaker at the Narrative Therapy Conference for Young Practitioner’s.

Ellie has designed and written other therapeutic groupwork programs and manuals, presented at national conferences and developed curriculum and training within the Australian Qualification Framework.

In addition to her professional success Ellie has been an active and involved leader in her community. At the age of 15 Ellie was introduced to coaching by 10 seven year olds on the netball court. In 2003 Ellie was recognised as a youth leader on a national scale through her selection on the National Youth Roundtable and was contracted the following year to be a facilitator and mentor to new members.

Ellie no longer remains silent about her experiences with anorexia, childhood sexual abuse and other struggles. She is an advocate for all people affected, working from the ground up to increase understanding and options for support.


At the heart of all of Ellie’s work is her commitment to innovation and social justice. She is informed and transformed by her work and knows that everyone has a story to tell … we just need someone to hear it


Ellie spends time in her private practice, speaking out via various advocacy opportunities, in other employment as a Trainer / Curriculum Writer for Mental Health and AOD Diploma level qualifications with an NGO and as a Sessional Presenter facilitating Body Image Workshops with the Butterfly Foundation.


Formal qualifications:


-> Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program (FGLF 2017)

-> B Arts (majors in Psychology and Sociology)

-> 7-month Program in Narrative Therapy through the Dulwich Centre

-> Cert IV Training and Assessment

-> Diploma in Counselling & Groupwork

-> ongoing professional development courses and workshops:

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (4day) – Family-Based Therapy (2day) – Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (4day) – Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – Narrative Therapy – Trauma – various other training and professional development related to working with the issues that I specialise in





-> some of Ellie’s poetry and words appear in The Diary Healer: Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders by June Alexander

-> Your Emergent Life: A How-to Guide for Living Your Way & Thriving. [FREE ebook]

-> Starting the Conversation: Talking with Young People About Mental Health & Wellness Facilitator’s Manual

-> The Garden: An Attachment & Attunement Group Program for Infants 0-4 and Their Parent


I know that when we speak our truth we are more fully seen and heard which enables us to take action. We heal and our lives change