our voice mag is launched

by mental health and wellness

our voice, the digital mag for raising the volume on the lived experience of mental health issues by South Australians for South Australians, is here! I invite you to read it, download it and share it. The more people that read our voice the better conversations we will have about mental health and the closer we will move to providing helpful support options for people so they struggle less and feel less alone.

The next edition will be out in January. If you would like to contribute please send your writing, artwork, photo’s or interview recommendations (which may be for yourself) through to info@elliehodges.com.



If you have feedback on the magazine or have ideas on what to include next time send an email to info@elliehodges.com and let me know. our voice is for everyone and is most representative when more people have a say than just me or people I am already connected with.


… with heart,