The A-Z of Mindful Living email series

Explore and cultivate mindfulness to make the most of your moments.

My own life changing experiences with mindfulness led to me developing this 28 day email series FREE for my community and the people I work with. It all started February 1st 2016 and will start again on March 29th, 2017.


The A-Z of Mindful Living email series is about busting through the bullshit, debunking the myths and breaking down the big ideas of mindful living to make it more accessible to anyone and everyone.

People just like you.


I want you to know that mindfulness is not just, and more than, ‘zenning’ out for 20-60 minutes at a time. That it is about the smaller ordinary moments of our life and how we approach them.

I want you to know that you can benefit from mindfulness even if you have difficulty with feeling ‘normal’ or being able to sit still with yourself, your thoughts and feelings.

And I want you to know that you don’t have to add mindfulness on to your life, rather the best approach is to integrate it into the life you already have. By changing your relationship to things and living from your values.



This email series is for you if:


-> you have heard about mindfulness and had your interest or curiosity sparked

-> you have tried mindfulness / meditation but found it ‘hard’ or felt like you were missing something or even doing it wrong

-> you want to expand your understanding and practice of mindfulness and bring it into everyday moments

-> you want to explore mindfulness more with someone who explains it in an easy to understand way, that still reaches deep, and relates it to real world examples and concerns


It is particularly relevant for those amongst us that have been through tough times and struggle.



The benefits of participating:


-> the opportunity to understand and experience mindfulness for yourself through easy to apply explanations, reflections and practices

-> more mindful moments in  your days that bring a greater sense of peace, calm and alignment

-> grappling with the ideas and practices in a supportive and intimate environment



What you get in The A-Z of Mindful Living email series:


-> an introductory email explaining mindful living, busting the myths and urging you forward with caution followed by 26 daily emails with a relevant word chosen for each letter of the alphabet

-> each email will have a beautiful quote, an explanation and a practice or reflection that supports its integration into your daily life. From compassion to resistance and from embodied experience to vulnerability

-> access to an intimate facebook group of fellow explorers to learn and share with

+ I will be available via email throughout the whole month to respond to questions and witness your journey



Your commitment:


Just 15 minutes a day to read and try the practices. Longer is better but this is a great starting place. Even 10 minutes will make a difference.