Too Many Hearts are Hurting, Breaking and Losing Hope

by a quick thought, mental health and wellness

It has been a big media week for mental health issues and suicide. Thoughts and feelings covering the full spectrum from disbelief and not understanding, right through to getting it and wondering who else have been displayed.


What it says to me is that there is so much pain in this world, and no person can take for granted their own experience or thinking that they are unaffected.


The vulnerable, may not appear vulnerable or be known by others to be. Those that seem untouchable, can be and are touched. With all that we know, there is so much we still don’t know or refuse to accept.


My heart hurts for how we speak about and respond to human pain and emotional distress. My heart hurts for everyone seeking an answer and compassionate arms who don’t receive it. My heart hurts for people who feel they are not worthy or that they are all alone.


Living it myself, sitting with people working through their ‘stuff’ and working in the community and mental health sectors for nearly two decades grounds in me a knowing, a deep knowing, that people do survive and that the darkest nights/months/years do end or get better for people.


I invite everyone to reach out to those we care for to provide our hearts, knowledge and hands to making a difference for how we all experience this world. Don’t worry about not knowing what to say or where to get the support you or they need. Stumble and fumble and work it out together. What matters is that you try.


To those that are feeling and thinking you need more support, reach out to the most reachable person you can. This may be someone you do or don’t know personally, it may be someone you reach out to because of their work or some other connection. Don’t worry about imposing or not knowing what to say. Stumble and fumble and work it out together. The right for you people are out there.


My role is often holding hope for people that can’t see it through the fog-of-life themselves. I hold hope for individuals to be able to live in ways that nurture them and where they can be their true selves, where they come alive and claim their place. I also hold hope that our systems will change to better fit what people need and are seeking when they put their hands up for help.


I hold these hopes and I am so glad that I am not the only one that holds them. There are countless others living despite pain and distress and there are countless others again working their ass off trying to activate change so that we understand and respond better.


Too many hearts are hurting, breaking and losing hope.


Reach out. Reach up. Reach together. Our lives matter.


… with heart,


If you want to speak to someone call Lifeline on 13 11 14 (24 hour counselling, information and referrals). For ‘chat’ or email support or to connect with others through their online forums visit or .