I have been on both sides of the 'couch'. I wholeheartedly believe that the therapeutic relationship and space is a critical component of healing.

For counselling to be effective I believe that relationship is everything and I know that we create and nurture it together.

I hold space for the full experience of life; the crappy times and the moments that cracked you open wanting more. Together we create an environment where you can speak and share all of yourself as you are and as you are becoming. I hold absolute hope and belief in the journey of recovery, healing and living well despite. I am open, quick to laughter and absolutely real. Stories and metaphor help us to make sense of things as they emerge and we go at a pace that is appropriate and supportive of you.


 We work it out together; everything is figureoutable

Who I Work With

I support people who have had difficult life experiences and are struggling to find or be who they ‘really’ are.

The focus is on recovery, healing and living well despite. This includes particular skill and knowledge around: food, weight and/or body issues (clinically diagnosed or not); anxiety; and trauma. At the heart of these is a disconnection to self and/or our relationship to our bodies. I know that it can get better and this belief is what I help others to embrace themselves. 


Session Investment


$100 for a 60-minute session and email support between sessions

Sessions are face-to-face in Adelaide CBD or online via Zoom. As an alternative email-only counselling is also available. This is $160 over a four-week period.

A small number of 50% and 80% reduced rate spaces are available for people who would otherwise not be able to see me. There may be a wait list for these sessions.


Therapy FAQ


Read more about therapy, therapists and therapeutic process.

If you have a specific other question email ellie[at] and I will reply direct to you.


My practice is informed by:


-> the belief that people are people first and foremost; problems are not people, and people are not problems. I know that labels are not the best definer of experience, you yourself are

-> knowing that different and better ways for living do exist to the struggles that we experience. Sometimes it is a matter of finding what is already working and doing more of it. Sometimes it is about acknowledging what has been and finding a way to honour the strength and hopes born through prevailing

-> an ability to meet you where you are at, allowing you to inform the pace and nature of our work together. I understand that due to particular experiences not everyone has found their voice or knows how to talk about the hard stuff. I let you tell me who you are in your own way and in your own time. I have found that appropriate email contact between sessions helps

-> acknowledging the privilege granted to me by the people I support through allowing me to enter their world. I bear witness to your stories with humility, compassion and respectful curiosity. In doing this I validate and honour all you have been through and the person that you are

-> a key focus on safety in all of its forms – physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual. I know that when people have been through traumatic and difficult experiences their ‘felt’ sense of safety is compromised and can stand in the way of living how they want