Book List for Recovery & Healing

by recovery, healing & living well despite

Books and resonant narratives of other peoples’ lives have been a key element along my recovery and healing path. They expand the scope of our lives and they connect us, to ourselves and others, in ways that can otherwise be hard to crack.

Books are also a wonderful addition to the support I provide to people in counselling and supervision. They add to the conversations I have with people, they enhance the relationship between us and validates in a deeper more collective way the knowing that is emerging within.


The books below are the ones that have made the most difference in my life when read from the experience of being deep in the depths of recovery and healing.


When I have been finding my way, and as I continue to live well despite. They are the ones I share over and over with the people I support. They are devoured and new copies frequently become a part of their bookshelves.

Reflections and standout sections for each will be shared soon. If you have read any of these or have other recommendations email me your thoughts, ellie[at]