Have you ever had a ‘what if …’ go through your mind?

I know you have.

Have you had a ‘what if …’ go through your mind where you amplify and doubt your capacity to manage or have and be enough of what you need or live how you really want?


You probably have, right!


What if we were able to have some what if’s … of a different kind? Something more like these:

What if,
I have what I need 
to do this thing 
I know I need and want to do?

To recover from food, weight and/or body issues.

What if,
there is space 
to feel what I feel 
without running anymore?

To heal from past trauma and difficult experiences.

What if,
I say no
to what I don’t want
and yes
to what I do want?


To live life your way and at your pace with who is good for your soul.


What if …

What if these are all more true than the other what if’s that you are used to but diminish you?


What if your courage and hope are equal to and more able than the what iffed fear leads you to believe?


What if you are less alone or ‘crazy’ or wrong or different than the what iffed guesses have you thinking?


After 18 years of actively supporting others in various ways I know that the fear and not good enough and weak what if’s are not the truth.

Those what if’s are limiting lies that often make us feel shit and stop us from living despite what has been, or is, hard in our lives.


What if we started to live with our possibility instead?


A belief we can do hard things and we can win.


… with heart,